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Hoober Stables, Rotherham

Trailflex Permeable Paving at Hoober Stables


Trailflex was chosen to resurface the drive way and stable yard for Hoober Stables in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Our Clients Debbie and Tommy Burke wanted a surface that was capable of dealing with a high volume of surface water runoff from the surrounding area. And, that had a high weight bearing capacity. Previously the accumulation of water in the yard from the surrounding area had turned the ground into a quagmire.

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Debbie & Tommy Burke

Hobber Stables, Rotherham


Debbie said that the horses had become nervous about losing their footing. Trailflex is capable of processing more than 50,000 litres of rain water, per meter per hour. Water naturally percolates through the surface to replenish the water table. There is never any standing water on the surface. Due to the very slight flexibility of the system, finds agitate through the surface ensuring it will never clog.

Trailflex Rotherham
Sudstech at Exchange Quay

100% Permeable

In addition, Trailflex is impervious to tree roots and freezing conditions. It is virtually maintenance free and carries a 10-year porosity guarantee. Debbie and Tommy chose Trailflex in Goldstone from our attractive range of stone blends and were absolutely delighted with the finished result.

  • Porosity 100% 100%
  • Slip Resistant 100% 100%
  • Freeze Thaw Tested 100% 100%
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