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Here are some common questions about our products.
Is Planning Permission Required?
No. Sudstech is fully Suds compliant and is classed as a soak away.
What's the difference between Sudstech and Standard Resin Bound laid on tarmac/concrete?
Sudstech’s patented design utilises a recycled tyre sub base that is slightly flexible. This allows water to naturally return to the water table. With a resin system that is laid on to concrete or Tarmac water flows through the resin but cannot pass back in to the ground. Should water freeze between the permeable top course and the impermeable base delamination and subsequent breaking up of the surface can occur.
I already have concrete or tarmac that I don’t want to remove can I lay Sudstech on top of that?
Yes, in most cases this can be achieved by adapting the existing surface We would be happy to advise you.
Does the Sudstech surface feel springy or bouncy to walk on?
No, the rubber sub base is combined with stone and special resins and while the surface is flexible enough to withstand freeze thaw conditions and prevent clogging it will feel no different to any other surface in use.
How much maintenance will Sudstech require in comparison to other resin systems?
Very little. As we have already mentioned the surface will agitate grit and dust through the surface. Should soil be spilt on an area that has very little foot traffic it can be vacuumed or power washed on a low setting. Other resin manufacturers require the area to be treated with salt in frosty conditions and cleaned off as soon as the weather improves.
Does Sudstech carry a guarantee?

Yes. Sudstech carries a 7 year guarantee and in addition to this we also provide a ten year porosity guarantee. Unlike other companies we guarantee both our wearing top course and our rubber sub base.

Has Sudstech been tested?
Yes. Sudstech has been tested by BRE The British research establishment for impact resistance and freeze thaw safety.
What ground works are required?
Sudstech is installed on to a preprepared base of 200mm of type 3 aggregate with ridged edging of your choice cemented in to place. We are happy to advise your contractor.
Will My Surface Match My Sample Exactly?
Trailflex uses natural stone sourced in the UK. While we will endeavour to match the colour of your sample exactly, our stone may vary. In some circumstances, stone colour may vary from mix to mix, this is a common occurrence and variances in the surface will settle over time due to the natural weathering process.
Will Trailflex have standing water on the surface?
No, Trailflex can process 50,000 litres of rain water, per meter per hour ensuring puddles never form on the surface.
As the surface contains recycled car tyres, will it feel bouncy or spongy to walk or drive on?
No. We use stone mixed with our specialist tyre rubber and although flexible to 90 degrees Trailflex provides a solid surface to walk or drive on.
What maintenance is required?
Very little. Brushing occasionally with a stiff broom will be enough to keep the surface looking pristine.
How soon can I use my new driveway?
Within 16 hours
What ground preparation is required for Trailflex?
Trailflex is installed on to a pre-prepared base of 200mm of type 3 aggregate for driveways. Please seek advice for other applications such as patios and pathways
Can I drive tracked vehicles on Trailflex?
No. The rubber tracks can cause damage to the surface.
Will weeds grow on the surface?
The flexibility of the surface allows small particles of dirt to agitate through the surface as it is used, because of this weeds have no growth medium in which to establish themselves.
Will Trailflex eventually Clog?

No. The flexibility of the surface allows small particles of grit etc. to agitate through the surface ensuring that it will not clog. We also provide a 10 year no clog guarantee.

What happens if water freezes within the surface?
The flexibility of the Trailflex surface allows water to freeze and thaw without causing damage to the surface
Are slot drains or any other type of additional surface required?
No. Trailflex can process 50,000 litres of rain water, per meter, per hour
I have a heavy clay soil, will Trailflex still work?
Yes. We can offer specifications to deal with heavy clay soils.
Do I need to seek planning permission?
No. Trailflex is fully Suds compliant. With every m2 soaking up rain water, the whole area is effectively a soak away.
Cerama Pave
What is the difference between standard block paving and Cerama Pave?
Unlike standard block pavers, Cerama pave has a porous structure. Water can pass through the body of the block instead of relying on the channels which are created between them.
Can Cerama Pave take vehicle traffic?
Yes, our pavers can take vehicle weight apart from our largest block 600x300x55mm
Can I lay Cerama Pave over existing tarmac/concrete?
To lay Cerama Pave over an existing tarmac or concrete base, the existing base must be in acceptable condition (No cracks, Free from spalling, No breaking up). We do however recommend laying Cerama Pave as stated in the installation guide to take full advantage of its permeability.
Do I need to use a kerb for my pavers?
We do recommend some type of edge restraint (kerb) is installed, especially for areas which will be exposed to movement. For example, Driveways, Access Roads etc.
Can I lay permeable block paving on a slope?
Yes. If you can drive up it, you can pave it!
Can Cerama Pave be installed around a swimming pool?
Yes, Cerama Pave is suitable, however consideration must be given for loss of sand.
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