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Sudstech Permeable Paving

The UK’s First Fully Permeable Recycled Ceramic Pavers

Made From 100% Recycled Materials


Cerama Pave is a new and exciting addition to the block paving market. Cerama Pave permeable block pavers are exclusive to Langford Direct in the U.K. Unlike other pavers on the market, this patented block paving system has a porous structure allowing water to pass completely through the body of the block, rather than through a channel created between them.



The blocks are suitable for vehicular use and Cerama pave is available in 6 attractive colours and several sizes including large format and tactile to aid the visually impaired.  Our exciting range of colours and sizes enables architects and specifiers to create endless designs embracing scale and aesthetics in both residential and commercial applications.



The strength, size and laying patterns make Cerama Pave the perfect choice for creating an attractive finish for your project. Due to their high strength and durability,  Cerama Pave permeable pavers will retain their vibrant appearance for many years.

Cerama Pave In Action
Cerama Pave is installed in the same way as traditional segmental pavements. Design and construction of the pavement substructure is similar to that specified for Cerama Pave and other permeable concrete pavements, where design depends on loading i.e. vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic, drainage, gradient and other site conditions.
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Cerama Pave are manufactured from kiln fired permeable ceramic tile products, oxide pigment and bentonite clay binding agent. The recycled material is ceramic waste sourced mainly from ceramic tile products. These products contain no hazardous substances and are harmless to both human health and the environment.
Our Clients
Here at Sudstech, we have successfully completed numerous projects across the UK and Europe. We are seen as trusted advisers in SuDS compliance and water management solutions.

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